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Have reliable assistance in hauling heavy loads, junk, equipment, and other bulky materials by renting dumpsters from ABM Lawn Care LLC. Whether you are moving, recycling, or on a cleanup spree, our dumpster rentals are the perfect solution for all kinds of cleaning and remodeling tasks. Our dumpster trailers are currently available for multiple-day rentals should your job span several days. When you contact us, be assured that we will deliver a clean dumpster trailer to you promptly and professionally.

Dumpster Trailer Specifications

You can find the perfect and dependable dumpster at ABM Lawn Care to meet your particular needs. With an immense weight-bearing capacity reaching a maximum of 10,000-lbs, each dumpster is 12 feet long with a width of 7 feet, and the sides are 4-feet high. For your utmost convenience, we deliver as well as remove the trailer from the site. All you have to do is rent it out, fill it up, and the rest is our responsibility.

So, call us today if you are looking for a dumpster in Norfolk, VA, and rent it at a fair and affordable price.

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