Tips For Stress-free Commercial Junk Removal In Norfolk VA

Getting rid of garbage is an important activity, whether you have bulk stuff or just normal day-to-day rubbish. This is a service that can be used during a variety of situations. For instance, during a move, or cleaning or renovations. Here’s how to ensure that your commercial junk removal in Norfolk VA activity is stress-free.

Plan ahead

For things to go smoothly, it’s best that you plan ahead. Have a timeline for when you’d want to hire our junk removal services. While we can offer same-day assistance, there are cases where there may be long wait times. But if you schedule pickups early, we’ll be there as agreed. You can contact us days, weeks or even months ahead of time.

Take inventory of what needs to be removed

In all cases, including residential junk removal Norfolk, VA, take stock of what you want removed. It will be helpful if you let us know in advance what stuff you want to get rid of. If you want to get rid of bulky items, like big furniture, and a piano, let us know so that we prepare. So, if there are any specific items you’re not sure about, you can point them out when you get in touch with us.

Use labels

Labeling the rubbish will be helpful. It will help both us and you know what we’re hauling away. This will minimize the chances of us accidentally trashing items that you still need. Put everything that is to be thrown away in one area, to prevent confusion.

Set up space

If there are lots of items to be disposed of, clear the space around the rubbish area. This will make it easier for us to access the garbage. Also, prepare a place where we can park with ease. This will make it easier for both you and us to dispose of the items without too much effort.

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