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Maintaining a lawn is definitely hard work, especially if one does not have the time to tend to it because of a very busy schedule. This is the reason why a lot of people just prefer to hire someone to tend to their lawns for them. Luckily, ABM offers lawn care and maintenance services for lawn owners who just do not have the time and energy to get the job done.

Of course, their main service would be taking care of your lawn and maintaining it making sure that it is healthy and well trimmed. Generally, this kind of service would be all about cleaning up lawns and making sure everything is kept in order. ABM also takes care of plants that are already growing on these lawns and ensure that they are all growing well. This is to add to the overall landscaping of the garden.

Some of the specific services that are offered include mowing, blowing and trimming. Other than that, ABM also offers removal of unwanted trees and weeds growing there. They also offer leaf removal and overall garden cleaning for messy gardens and gardens that have a lot of fallen leaves right after autumn.

Aside from just taking care of the grass and the garden itself, experts from ABM also have a wide range of trimming services that they offer to clients. For those who want to have decorative trees or shrubs, ABM has a team of really good shrub hedgers who will not only trim them well but may also design them any way the client wants.

Other than just bushes, they can also trim trees to make them look fresh and nice. When they trim the leaves, they make sure that the leaves are thick enough to cover the tree but thin enough for the sun to shine through. For those who want better landscaping, this service can definitely be for them.

The firm also offers pressure washing services. Pressure washing a house regularly is very important to keep it totally clean from debris and to keep mildew or mold from growing. All these unwanted stuff can severely hurt lawns in the long term which is why people usually pressure wash their house thoroughly once a year.

ABM can pressure wash an entire house in no time and for a really low price. They would thoroughly clean all parts of any home such as the walkways, the exterior, the patio, and the roof. They will also go through each nook and cranny of homes in order to look for bug colonies and mold homes so that they can blast them away.

The best part of it all is that they do not mind giving all of these packages at a very affordable rate. For those who live around Norfolk, Chesapeake, or somewhere in Virginia and are in need of these kinds of services, ABM is definitely the company to look for. What they offer is both a good price and quality service for all their clients.

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