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Having a great-looking outdoor space can significantly improve the value of your property as well as make it look more beautiful. That is why property owners are always advised to hire a professional to take care of their landscaping needs. There are many local landscapers offering quality lawn maintenance in Virginia Beach. However, ABM Lawn Care is considered one of the best service providers in the city.

Lawns need to be watered regularly. After all, plants need a lot of water to grow, so you have to water the grass on a daily basis. As the grass grows, it must be mowed to trim it to size. Fertilizers and herbicides are also needed to make sure the grass gets all the essential nutrients and does not have to compete with other plants, such as herbaceous weeds.

While some people may be able to care for their own lawns, most people lack the equipment, supplies and expertise needed to properly maintain their landscapes. That is where landscaping firms, such as ABM Lawn Care, come in. We have the equipment, manpower, expertise, knowledge and supplies needed to properly care for your landscape.

In addition to maintaining lawns, we also offer tree pruning, shaping and removal services. We also offer garden cleaning and leaf removal services. If you have a hedge and want to improve its appearance and overall health, you can call us for quality services. Our team is always ready to lend a hand.

Since the exterior walls and roof of the house also affect how your property looks, having a great looking outdoor space requires more than just cutting and irrigating the grass regularly. Your exterior walls and roof also need to be cleaned. That is why we offer pressure washing services for walls roofs and front entrances. We can even pressure wash your entire home as needed. Call us today to discuss your options as far as your landscaping needs are concerned.

ABM Lawn Care and Maintenance is a full-service landscaping company with a valid license to offer both residential and commercial landscaping services. Whatever the landscaping service you need, therefore, you can rest assured that our team will offer the highest quality of service. All our services are 100 percent guaranteed. This means that you can always be assure of getting the highest quality of service possible. Visit our website today to get additional information on our landscaping services.

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