Several Overlooked Benefits Of Professional Brush Removal In Norfolk VA

Lot clearing service and land grading service aren’t just essential for property developers and commercial property owners. If you own a residential property, it’s important to take good care of your grounds. To help you get started, the following are several overlooked benefits of professional brush removal in Norfolk VA.

During times of exceedingly dry weather, these services can help minimize the risk of brush fires. Our team can scour your property to look for weak, dying, and diseased foliage and remove it. This will free up space for other trees, shrubs, flowers, and herbs to flourish, and it will ensure that a single, smoldering cigarette butt doesn’t immediately engulf your home in flames.

These removal services are also great for protecting HVAC equipment. If you have a heat pump, a central air conditioner, or a ductless mini-split, it’s condenser/compressor unit is located outside. Overgrown bushes and shrubs can encroach this unit and inhibit airflow. It can also cause your compressor and your compressor motor to overheat. To protect this costly equipment, you can work with us to have overgrowth regularly removed. Depending upon the vertical growth of your landscaping features, these services can also protect your gutters and downspouts and by proxy, your home’s foundation.

You can also use these services to limit your likelihood of pest infestation. Overgrown and ill-tended foliage can attract many different insects and animals that thrive within the natural environment. Dry brush can attract snakes, rodents, and termites. If you’re working to establish an effective and multi-pronged pest management or pest prevention plan, you’ll want to include lawn and landscape care to round it out.

Finally, these services can add tremendous aesthetic value to properties. Your landscape is among the very first things that are seen by visitors and passersby. By having dead, dry, and diseased plant matter cleared away, you can instantly beautify your abode.

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