Lawn Care Service In Virginia Beach; Tips To Keep Your Trees Hydrated In Summer

Mature trees do not need much watering, especially after the rainy seasons. You may, however, notice they are thirsty during the summer droughts. In case the heat is affecting them and they are even showing signs of stress, such as stem die back and wilted leaves, there are tips to help you keep them hydrated and healthy. We can provide a reliable lawn care service in Virginia Beach to keep your turf, flowers and trees healthy throughout the year.

For you to effectively hydrate your trees, allow the water to penetrate deep into the roots. This means it will not be enough to depend on your sprinklers or other similar irrigation systems that are best for grass. A soaker hose or tree bag will help you water your trees to a good number of inches deep. We could also help you install mulch to keep help the grounds retain moisture and create a weed resistant barrier.

We recommend focusing on the drip lines instead of watering the trees at the trunk. The critical root zone is the area around the circumference of the tree branches. Trees allow their roots to spread and it may be insufficient to merely focus on the areas close to the trunk.

For the best outcome, get the plants watered in the early morning or evening. The idea is to give the soil adequate time to absorb the moisture. If you choose to water in the afternoon when the sun is hot, much of the water will evaporate before quenching the thirst of the trees.

It is the tree roots that need water and not the leaves. Water drops can act as lenses and when they focus on the sunlight, this could burn the foliage. Watering the leaves is hence likely to cause more harm than good. If you have young trees in your yard, ensure that you water them more frequently to help them survive through the unfavorable weather.

You need to create a reliable watering schedule and stick to it. This will be of paramount importance, especially if you have young trees that can die out because of high soil temperatures. They need at least three soaks each week, unless you receive rainfall. We can help you determine the most ideal schedule for your young tree plantation.

To keep your lawn looking lush and healthy, you should take care of not just your grass, but also your trees. We can lend a hand with trimming services to ensure that they remain healthy and visually appealing. We also have the right tools and skills to lend a hand with stump removal.

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