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At ABM Lawn Care, our goal isn’t just to beautify your property exterior; it’s also to simplify the process of keeping your most important investment in good condition. Most consumers don’t feel like spending their weekends mowing, weeding, edging, and engaging in other outdoor chores. When you work with us, you’ll get the best lawn care services in Virginia Beach. You can keep your yard beautiful year-round, and at a surprisingly nominal cost. Keep reading to find out how we can help you create and maintain the perfect outdoor areas for relaxation and entertaining.

One of the best reasons for working with a top-rated lawn care service is simply being able to learn more about the grass and other foliage that you currently have in your yard. Our seasoned professionals can tell you all about the different plant species that exist on your property, as well as the best methods of caring for each. People who lack experience in this area often mistakenly assume that all grass and plant types require the same amount of water, soil aeration, and sunlight among other things.

We can additionally assist you in protecting your yard against a range of common invaders. From voracious insects that can infest different grasses and trees to larger pests that might undermine the integrity of your entire landscaping plan; our team can ensure that all preventative steps are being taken to avoid these issues. If you have invested a significant amount of money into building an eye-catching landscaping plan, efforts in prevention are definitely worthwhile.

There are also strategies that we can use to help you limit the impact that your property has on the natural environment. For instance, if you are interested in minimizing your water-use, we can assist you in planting more native plant species. This is foliage that will be able to thrive in the natural, local climate, and that will also need very minimal attention and care.

The most obvious benefit of working with us is being able to keep your own hands clean. We can establish a maintenance and care schedule that’s perfectly in line with your needs. Whether you want us to come out just once every month, or two to three times per week, we are more than willing and able to accommodate.

Keeping the outside of your property beautiful is just as important as caring for the interior of your home. This is the first space that prospective buyers and guests will see when pulling up. Establishing a foolproof maintenance plan that includes pest and disease prevention will ensure that this area is always breathtaking and lovely, no matter what the season.

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