Lawn Maintenance Companies In Norfolk For Secondary Residences

Owning a second home that you use for vacation comes with responsibility. You will worry about your property standing empty when no one is there. A giveaway that there is no one home is grass that is overgrown. To stop attracting the attention of potential thieves, you should choose from the best lawn maintenance companies in Norfolk.

Professional services from ABM lawn care will ensure that your grass, shrubs, and plants are all tended to while you are away from your property. A garden that is always mowed will be a great deterrent for opportunist thieves. So, asides mowing your greenery, let’s take a look at what other services we have to offer for your Norfolk property.

Asides mowing your grass, we can take care of your shrubs and plants and trees. We will clear your drains and guttering to ensure they don’t become blocked with leaves, and we can clean up after bad weather. Storm clearance is necessary after bad weather where your drains may have become blocked, or where branches from your trees are hanging down. If trees have become uprooted, we will carry out the emergency procedures necessary to ensure that the area is made safe to passersby.

Lawn maintenance services from ABM include routine pesticide spraying and pest removal. Preventative best removal and mole eradication can mean you save a lot of money in the long run. Depending on the time of year, your greenery and shrubs may be affected by ants, vermin, or other nasty pests such as cockroaches.

Our routine inspection of your garden and surrounding areas ensures that we keep on top of all your maintenance. Having a big garden is a luxury and one that you should appreciate at all times. But there is nothing worse than coming to your property and finding scorched grass that has not been watered or mole hills in the middle of your tennis court. All gardens of all sizes need routine work to ensure that they are kept in good shape.

Our services ensure that your house in Virginia is ready to enjoy on your arrival. With your grass trimmed and green and your hedges pruned back, you can really enjoy your vacation. We also specialize in maintaining holiday homes you rent out. Happy guests will expect neatly mowed grass, and with ABM lawn care, this is what they will get. Call us today for a quote for your Virginia residence and to put your mind at rest that your vacation home doesn’t look lived in.

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