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Hiring a landscaping debris removal service is one of the best things that homeowners can do to keep their properties protected. Unfortunately, many lawn care professionals do an excellent job of mowing and edging yards, cultivating shrubs and trees, and taking care of other living elements. However, most don’t take the rubbish that their labors produce with them. At ABM Lawn Care, LLC, we do it it all. Read on to find out how our Norfolk brush removal service can benefit you.

Collected debris of any type can attract and harbor pests. Worst still, many homeowners are retaining large piles of this organic waste right near their homes. These accumulations can attract termites that love to feed on wood cellulose. When they get damp, they can harbor mosquitoes. They are also always appealing to spiders and ants.

When you implement a multi-pronged pest management plan, it’s all about limiting the likelihood of infestation for species that thrive within the local environment. Moreover, one large part of these efforts is getting rid of waste that serves as ideal breeding grounds. Sadly, even rodents can find untended landscaping debris appealing. This is why we’ll clean it up for you.

During excessive dry periods, large accumulations are also a major fire hazard. Dry twigs and leaves can ignite easily. All it takes is a single, carelessly tossed cigarette butt or a reflective surface and your entire yard can be ablaze. Thus, cleaning up yard waste is far more than just an aesthetic issue.

Our tree trimming and removal service provides a seamless, end-to-end solution for our clients. When you hire us, you’ll get everything that you need for one straightforward, competitive, and easy to understand price. You’ll also have the benefit of fast, friendly service, reliable scheduling, and superior workmanship. Call our office now to get started.

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