The Best Reasons To Use Our Residential Appliance Pickup Service

When getting rid of household appliances, it’s important to ensure that the job is done safely, legally, and in a cost-effective way. After all, you shouldn’t have to pay more to dispose of old equipment than you paid to replace it. At ABM Lawncare, we want to share three solid reasons for using our residential appliance pickup service.

Hiring the wrong person or disposing of your old appliances in the wrong way can be far more costly than you think. Surprisingly, many unlicensed junk removal services simply pick appliances up and then drop them by the side of the road. When local law enforcement agencies or the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are able to associate this waste with your household, you could wind up paying incredibly high fines and penalties.

Sometimes proper disposal of waste is a matter of doing what feels right for you. Like many consumers, you probably have increased concern for the natural environment. At ABM Lawncare, we’ve been doing this type of work for quite some time. We have a solid waste management plan and a seasoned and strong network of waste disposal services and locations that we can use. We’ll pick up your hold unwanted items and conduct your home appliance disposal in the most environmentally responsible way possible.

Hiring junk removal near me can also be an excellent way of protecting your health. Even simply pulling your refrigerator out to sweep behind it can leave you with sore, strained muscles, and temporarily diminished mobility. Now imagine hosting your appliances onto a truck and then taking them back down again. Our team has all of the right training and equipment for doing this work safely.

Finally, we’re committed to offering cost-effective solutions for our customers who need junk removal. Our service options are flexible enough for meeting a broad range of needs. Best of all, if you have other rubbish on your property that needs to be cleared away, we can help with that too. Call us now to request a quote or to schedule pick-up service.

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