The Benefits Of Regular Tree Trimming

Trees enhance the beauty of gardens and give elegance to Virginia Beach homes. However, poorly maintained trees can affect the appearance of any home and even damage the property. Some trees need regular pruning at least once or twice a year, especially if they are located close to your home. Regular tree trimming has many benefits, some of which are highlighted in this article.


Pruning can prolong the life of trees as any weak or insect-infested limbs are removed before they make an impact on their overall health. Not only will the appearance of your trees improve, but their overgrown branches will no longer take their toll on the trunk. This in turn will give the healthy parts the chance to flourish. By removing the overgrown limbs on time, there will be more fruit and flowers.

When the branches are over your property, they can cause considerable damage during strong winds. Over time, these overgrown limbs lurk their way under the shingles causing roof leaks. Overgrown branches can also grow into power cables and create power failures. Although some utility firms regularly trim around the power lines, it is still the task of homeowners to make sure the overgrown branches are not spanning over their property.

The heavy limbs are unlikely to grow any further unless the excess weight is removed. By regularly trimming those branches, you will help create space for better growth and, as a result, the overall structure of the tree will also improve. In addition, pruning trees will prevent any costs that may arise when damages are done to your property.

Let The Sun Shine!

Another benefit of pruning trees is the increase in sun exposure to the underlying trees in the surroundings. This will help increase both the quantity of fruits as well as the size. However, you should bear in mind that different trees should be trimmed at different times of the year.

For example, the ornamental ones that flower before summer should be pruned in early spring. Fruit trees, on the other hand, should be trimmed in late winter in time for spring growth. If you are unsure of the best time to prune your trees, seek the advice of expert arborists in Chesapeake area.

Regular Tree Maintenance

It is best to set up a schedule with a reputable company at least once per year. A licensed arborist in Norfolk will visit your property and carry out the necessary inspection. These experts know how to prune your trees in order to minimize the amount of shade that can impede growth. Pruning will help the surrounding shrubs and allow adequate light to reach the other plants in your garden.

When you decide to prune trees, remember that not all trees are the same and different trimming methods must be used. In fact, it only takes one wrong technique to permanently damage those trees in your garden. If you have never done this task before, it is best to hire an experienced arborist who will also take care of the cleaning and brush removal for you.

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